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Chiefs-Chargers Score: Philip Rivers To Malcolm Floyd Makes It 7-0

The San Diego Chargers got off to a fast start against the Kansas City Chiefs scoring on their first drive of the game to make it 7-0. QB Philip Rivers hit WR Malcolm Floyd -- who was blanketed by CB Brandon Flowers -- for a touchdown.

Rivers went 3-of-3 for 34 yards on the drive including the 17-yard touchdown pass to Floyd. WR Vincent Jackson got his first reception of the season and also took a handoff on an end-around for 14 yards. RB Ryan Mathews had three carries for 13 yards on the drive.

The Chiefs got one first down as RB Jamaal Charles ran twice for 11 yards and RB Thomas Jones added two yards on two carries. QB Brodie Croyle attempted one pass which was complete for a loss. The Chiefs were run-heavy on their first drive with QB Matt Cassel out.

The Chiefs need this victory to basically wrap up the AFC West. A KC victory would put them up three games on both the Chargers and Raiders with three games remaining. A San Diego victory opens the division back up.

The Chargers lead the Chiefs 7-0.