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Philip Rivers To Malcolm Floyd (Again) Has Chargers Leading Chiefs, 21-0

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting blown out in San Diego. The Chargers lead the Chiefs 21-0 after two quarters of play. It seems nothing is going Kansas City's way and that includes the Chargers touchdown with less than a minute remaining in the first half.

Philip Rivers hit a diving Malcolm Floyd in the corner of the end zone from nine yards out. The call on the field was a touchdown but it looked like Floyd bobbled the ball as it hit the ground. The officials upheld the play on the field though and the touchdown stood giving the Chargers a 21-0 lead.

The Chargers first touchdown came on a 17-yard touchdown to Floyd. The second score came from Mike Tolbert making it 14-0.

The Chiefs can't seem to do anything right. Offensively, they're not extending drives and defensively they're allowing the Chargers to do whatever they want.

It's halftime and San Diego leads, 21-0.