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VIDEO: Eric Berry's Tip Toe Interception In Chiefs' Loss To Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs lost big to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon at Qualcomm Stadium but Chiefs S Eric Berry had a heck of an interception in the third quarter.

The Chargers were driving into Chiefs side of the field and Rivers tried to apparently throw the ball away with about eight and a half minutes left in the quarter. The ball was headed out of bounds but Berry, running up to the sideline, snagged it out of the air and landed made sure both his feet were in bounds as he secured the ball.

The Chargers challenged the play because Berry initially bobbled it but he regained control as he was falling out of bounds. The play came in front of Chargers head coach Norv Turner on the sidelines and, looking at it live, it appeared Berry had bobbled it but the officials confirmed that he gained control of the ball.

The interception didn't mean anything. because the Chiefs offense wasn't able to do anything (like it was all day).

Here's video of Berry's interception at