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AFC Playoff Picture: Kansas City Chiefs Still Control Their Own Destiny

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to control their own destiny in the AFC following their 31-0 loss to the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday. The Chiefs held a two-game lead over both the Chargers and Oakland Raiders entering Week 14. The Chargers beat the Chiefs and the Raiders lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Chiefs now hold a one-game lead over the Chargers and a two-game lead over the Raiders. Basically, the Chiefs are very close to becoming vulnerable down the stretch.

The Chiefs final three games of the season include a trip to St. Louis next week to play the Rams and home dates against the Tennessee Titans and then the Raiders. The Chiefs can run the table and secure a division title. If they lose one game, that potentially gives the Chargers a chance to tie the Chiefs for the division lead. Then tiebreakers would come down to including division games and common opponents.

The Chiefs road to the playoffs is simple. Win the next three and you're in. Lose one and risk losing the chance to control your destiny. The Chiefs schedule is favorable and they'll likely be favored in at least two of the three games. There's no reason they can't run the table.

The Chargers are playing like one of they're the league's best teams (forgetting the Raiders game last week) so if they get a shot at the playoffs they won't let go. I suspect the Chargers will win out the season. That puts more pressure on the Chiefs.

1. Chiefs (8-5)

2. Charges (7-6)

3. Raiders (6-7)

4. Broncos (3-10)