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Will Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Return From Injury Next Week Against Rams?

The Kansas City Chiefs know what life is like without Matt Cassel. The Chiefs QB missed Sunday's game and the San Diego Chargers flat-out embarrassed the Chiefs, 31-0. There really aren't any positives to take away from the game, at least offensively.

Cassel had an appendectomy last Wednesday and we're still unsure of his status. Other NFL players have come back from an appendectomy and missed just one game so clearly the Chiefs are hoping Cassel can do the same. Of course the usual caveat applies that no two players are the same so any predictions of Cassel's availability this weekend are just that -- predictions.

Peter King of reported last week one team medic said it would be "sheer negligence" for the Chiefs to play Cassel five days after an appendectomy. The Chiefs didn't play him. So what about next week? King writes in MMQB that one team medic says he would sit him another week.

One team medic told me the other day that he'd sit an appendicitis victim for two weeks. We'll see how Cassel heals this week.
So will he play? I imagine if it's up to Cassel, he will play. This won't be a Cassel-only decision though as the Chiefs medical staff will weigh in.

After watching Brodie Croyle's 7-of-17 for 40 yard performance last week, the Chiefs are probably hoping Cassel can return.