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College Basketball Rankings: Kansas, Mizzou Move Up; Kansas State Falls

The USA Today Coaches' poll bumped the Kansas Jayhawks up to No. 3 and dropped both the Kansas State Wildcats and Missouri Tigers one spot, despite not losing. The AP top 25 poll also moves KU basketball into the No. 3 spot after holding the fourth spot last week.

Kansas is now 9-0 on the year and they're going to get freshman Josh Selby with the team next week. In other words, this team may be getting better.

The Wildcats drop to No. 6 after holding the fifth spot last week. They were jumped by Syracuse and Connecticut who are No. 5 and No. 4.

Mizzou was at No. 15 last week but moved to No. 13 this week after beating Vanderbilt and Presbyterian this week. The Tigers are 8-1 on the season.

The NCAA rankings are about right, in my mind, even if both Kansas State and Mizzou were dropped despite not losing.

Here's the full AP poll.