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Brett Favre's Consecutive Games Streak Over: Vikings QB Inactive Vs. Giants

For the first time in nearly two decades, Brett Favre will not be starting for an NFL team during the regular season. The Minnesota Vikings are playing the New York Giants tonight -- a game that was rescheduled because of the Metrodome roof collapse -- and Favre is on the inactive list.

He's the NFL leader with his consecutive games streak at 297 but now it's all over. There's speculation that they'll put him on injured reserve but they haven't done so yet.

Werder reports while Favre won't leave team, putting him on IR now to end speculation on last couple weeks is possible/likely

The next person up in consecutive games started is Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning. He'll need to play more than five more years -- without missing a start -- before catching Favre.