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Matt Cassel Attends Chiefs Practice; Status For Rams Game Unknown

The Kansas City Chiefs got some good news when Matt Cassel attended practice on Wednesday as the team prepares for Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. The KC Star has a good run down of what Cassel did at practice but it appears the Chiefs feel as if Cassel has at least a shot to play (or else he wouldn't be practicing).

The Chiefs will declare this afternoon whether Cassel practiced, was limited in practice or was a full participant in practice.Then the Chiefs will declare on Friday whether Cassel is out, doubtful, questionable or probable for Sunday's game.

The presence of Cassel obviously means quite a bit. The Chiefs offense was miserable last week in his absence -- though to be fair that can't be blamed just on Cassel being gone -- so having Cassel back would be very nice for this team.

With or without Cassel, the Chiefs game plan this Sunday against the Rams will be run-heavy, as it always is. So if the Chiefs running game can be effective, the Cassel questions don't become as important.

it's practice No. 1 but it's good news that Cassel is out there. We'll find out how the rest of his week goes.