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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Chiefs Fans Become 49ers Fans On Thursday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't playing on Thursday Night Football but fans may treat it as if they are. That's because the San Diego Chargers will be facing the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night. The 7-6 Chargers are game behind the 8-5 Chiefs in the AFC West. With the current NFL playoff picture, this becomes an important game for Chiefs fans.

A Chargers loss means that the Chiefs can potentially beat the St. Louis Rams next week and go up two games on the Chargers with two more to play. That would mean that the Chiefs, could potentially clinch the AFC West in Week 16 against the Tennessee Titans. A Chargers loss also gives the Chiefs some breathing room meaning they could lose to the Rams next week and maintain their one-game lead.

A Chargers victory puts the pressure on the Chiefs to beat the Rams and keep their one-game lead. A Chiefs victory would mean that KC is one game ahead of the Chargers with two to play. A Chiefs loss would mean the Chargers tie the Chiefs in the division with two games to play.

Chiefs fans obviously become 49ers fans this week. If the 49ers can beat the Chargers, then KC's game on Sunday against the Rams becomes huge.

Do the 49ers have a chance to beat the Chargers? Oddsmakers say no as they put the Chargers as a nine point favorite in this game.