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Matt Cassel Limited At Chiefs Practice For Second Day In A Row

The Kansas City Chiefs practiced on Thursday and got a "limited" effort out of Matt Cassel. The Chiefs QB is still being listed as limited on the injury report after undergoing an appendectomy last week that caused him to miss last Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers.

This is the second day in a row Cassel has been listed as limited and we're still not exactly sure what his status will be on Sunday. Early signs are that he's getting a lot of reps which would indicate he's likely to be the starter but we've learned over the past year that guessing on the injuries with Chiefs players usually doesn't mean much (we're usually wrong).

The next key day for Cassel is Friday when the Chiefs will declare his status as out, doubtful, questionable or probable. Last week, Cassel was listed as doubtful before being downgraded to out and not traveling with the team.

So coming up next will be figuring out what his status is on Friday afternoon, and then figuring out if he travels with the Chiefs to St. Louis.

With each day it's looking like Cassel will play but, for competitive reasons, there's no reason for the Chiefs to come out and announce that.