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Kansas City Chiefs Fans Losing Confidence?

As some of you may or may not know, we track the "confidence level" of the Kansas City Chiefs fan base at our Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride. With the way things have gone in Kansas City this year, the confidence level has been high considering many of us would have been shocked if you told us the Chiefs would win eight of their first 13 games.

To this point, a "high" confidence level has generally been around 85 (polled at 1-100) or so. This week the confidence level dipped to 69.

Are Chiefs fans losing confidence? As a Chiefs fan myself, I'd say...sort of. I still believe in this team and think they're capable of winning three consecutive games to win the division but the San Diego Chargers are nipping at their heels. That makes me nervous.

With the way the Chiefs started the year, I think many of us were suddenly expecting playoffs. To have that taken away would be a major disappointment. What I should be doing is thinking back to the beginning of the year when I predicted seven wins for this team and offer myself some perspective.

But that's not how fans work. The Chiefs gave us a taste of the playoffs and now we want it all. With the Chargers rolling and the Chiefs facing the task of having to win three consecutive games, we're nervous. We've lost some confidence. Not making the playoffs would be heart breaking to say the least.

So while I still believe in the future of this team and I'm happy with the overall progression, my confidence level has been slightly battered. Just get us in those playoffs, Chiefs.