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Dwayne Bowe Fantasy Football Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs Vs. St. Louis Rams

The big question entering Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams is of course QB Matt Cassel, who is recovering from an appendectomy. We'll get an official word from the Chiefs on his status shortly but we're hoping/expecting him to play. So what does that mean for Dwayne Bowe?

The Chiefs receiver was one of the hottest receivers in the game until the last couple of weeks when he's been shut down. It seems teams are giving Bowe extra attention so he doesn't explode like he did in one seven game stretch where he caught 13 touchdown passes. If you're not paying attention to Bowe, the Chiefs will take advantage of you.

The Rams are going to want to pay attention to Bowe but their first priority is stopping the run. I'm guessing the Rams will have to sell out to stop the run and that could leave them vulnerable in the pass. The Chiefs, with Cassel's situation, will likely be focusing on the run offensively.

While the Chiefs will likely go run-heavy, I expect Cassel to make them pay on at least one occasion. For Bowe's fantasy football stats, I'll predict three receptions, 55 yards and one touchdown. Cassel and Bowe will make the Rams pay one time in the red zone.