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Jamaal Charles Breaks Off 80-Yard Run; Chiefs Lead Rams Late

The Kansas City Chiefs are leading the St. Louis Rams near the end of the fourth quarter, 27-13. It's been the Chiefs defense that's been stepping up this game but late in the fourth quarter Jamaal Charles showed why he is Jamaal Charles.

Charles took a handoff and ran up the gut before making one cut and -- boom -- he was off to the races. Charles was brought down on the two yard line and the Chiefs got the touchdown to push their lead to 27-13.

Charles now has 126 yards on 11 carries in the game. He's gone down a couple of times in the game, including after the 80-yard run, with what looks to be like cramps.

Sam Bradford let the Rams on a fourth quarter touchdown drive to bring them to within seven but Charles' run essentially sealed the game.

On the Rams next possession, Kendrick Lewis intercepted Bradford and gave the ball back to the Chiefs.