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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Chiefs Beat Rams To Continue AFC West Race With Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, pushing their record to 9-5 and one game ahead of the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs lead the AFC West and the Chargers are one game behind with two more to play. The Chiefs' easiest path to the playoffs is to simply win out. They control their own destiny so if they do that, they're in.

Here's how the AFC West race is shaking up as we enter Week 16.

Chiefs (9-5): Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders

The Titans beat the Houston Texans 31-17 this week but they're 6-8 on the season. The Chiefs may not be favored in this game but I like their chances at any home game. Same goes with the Raiders the following week. The Chiefs are 6-0 at home this season and there are plenty of reasons to think they'll stay unbeaten at home.

Chargers (8-6): at Cincinnati Bengals, at Denver Broncos

The Chargers will be road favorites in both these games and they're probably the hottest team in the NFL behind the Patriots. The Chargers should -- should -- win both these games. But that's no guarantee of course.

The Steelers at 10-3 are currently one and a half games ahead of the Chiefs but they could move that to two if they beat the Jets, or down to one if they lose to the Jets (which is currently in progress).