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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Jets-Steelers, Eagles-Giants, Ravens-Saints

There was a lot on the line in Week 15 as the several teams were playing important conference and divisional games. Perhaps none more important than the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers game which is currently in progress. A Jets victory there would change a lot of things. Since the Baltimore Ravens beat the New Orleans Saints, the Ravens would move into a tie with the Steelers in the AFC North. The Jets would also be tied with the Steelers and Ravens in the wildcard race.

The Jets are looking at a wildcard to get into the playoffs since it doesn't look like anyone is beating the New England Patriots in the AFC East.

The Kansas City Chiefs stayed one game up in the AFC West beating the St. Louis Rams. If the Chiefs win the division, then the Chargers will have a chance at a wildcard in the AFC. If the Chargers win the division, the Chiefs likely don't get the wildcard because of their conference record.

The Philadelphia Eagles broke the tie in the NFC East by beating the New York Giants. The Eagles victory came in incredible fashion thanks to DeSean Jackson's punt return touchdown. The Eagles now control their own destiny in the NFC East as they're one game up on the Giants.

The Chicago Bears, in first place in the NFC North, play the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football at TCF Bank Stadium. The Green Bay Packers play the Patriots on Sunday Night Football but it's hard to see them winning without Aaron Rodgers. A Bears victory and a Packers loss puts Chicago up two games on Green Bay with two to play.

The NFC West has nearly guaranteed us an 8-8 division winner. The Rams lost to the Chiefs moving their record to 6-8 and the Seattle Seahawks are currently getting pummeled by the Atlanta Falcons. Best case scenario in the NFC West will be 8-8 as a division winner.