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Fantasy Football Advice: Just Pick Up The KC Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs have transformed themselves into an offensive juggernaut over the past few weeks. QB Matt Cassel won the AFC offensive player of the month for November, WR Dwayne Bowe has already broken the franchise record for receiving touchdowns and currently leads the NFL while RB Jamaal Charles once again leads the NFL in yards per carry.

in the fantasy football world, those are nice things to hear. It's not just the big three for the KC Chiefs as even Thomas Jones, who is on pace for 1,000 yards once again, is turning out to be a steal.

The Kansas City Chiefs are averaging 188 rushing yards per game or more than 100 yards per game more than the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts. Joseph Addai's average draft position was 43.9; Felix Jones' was 65.6. Thomas Jones, who has outscored both of them, had an ADP of 92.2.

At this point, Cassel has transformed him into someone you should probably be starting every week in fantasy football. Bowe is the best receiver in the NFL this season and Charles is...well, Charles. He's second in the NFL in rushing and leads the NFL in yards per carry. You can add in Thomas Jones who has been solid, at times, this season for the Chiefs.

If you have a fantasy football team, picking up a few KC Chiefs wouldn't be a bad idea.