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NFL Picks Week 13: Kansas City Chiefs Over Denver Broncos

NFL picks for Week 13 are coming in and folks continue to like the Kansas City Chiefs over the Denver Broncos. The Broncos dominated the Chiefs just three weeks ago but apparently most feel that was a fluke because, the line on the game continues to grow, and most NFL picks are going with KC.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk likes the Chiefs over the Broncos, 27-17.

The fact that Chiefs coach Todd Haley opted to wag a finger at Broncos coach Josh McDaniels after a 20-point loss three weeks ago could give Denver extra motivation.  The fact that McDaniels reportedly nuked his bridge to Bill Belichick when explaining Spygate II could give the various former Belichick lieutenants who work for the Chiefs extra motivation.  Call it a wash, and look for the superior football team to win.

This is an interesting thought that I hadn't looked at before. McDaniels reportedly told his coaching staff that SpyGate I in New England was practiced over and over again and it wasn't an isolated incident like SpyGate II. And then of course that information got public. Perhaps former New England folks would be interested in taking it to him pretty good because of that. It seems somewhat unlikely but, hey, KC will take any motivation it can get.

Moving on, Gregg Rosenthall of Pro Football Talk is taking the Chiefs over the Broncos, 33-26.

The Chiefs are not the 2009 Broncos.  To paraphrase Mike Tyson, they aren’t going to fade into Bolivian.  Matt Cassel improves every week.  Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis puts Cassel in situations to succeed.  Jamaal Charles runs more like Chris Johnson than Chris Johnson.  The offensive line is vastly improved.  Considering the schedules, it’s not that crazy to think the AFC West could get two playoff teams.

Good to hear that others don't think KC will take a Denver-esque fall the rest of the way.