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Miami Dolphins Are The Bizarro Kansas City Chiefs

As most in Kansas City know, the Chiefs are 6-0 at home this season as they enter the final two games of the season -- both at home. The Chiefs are hoping they can continue their undefeated streak at home, win the AFC West and host a home playoff game. Meanwhile the Miami Dolphins are the bizarro Chiefs. They can win on the road -- but not at home.

The Dolphins' 1-6 home record is the worst in the league this season, while their 6-1 road mark is tied for the best. That combination is an unprecedented accomplishment that Miami season-ticket holders would have preferred not to witness: Never has an NFL team won five more games on the road than it won at home.

That's incredible. The Chiefs use their home field advantage to the fullest causing some teams to walk away with multiple false starts (even when they're "on the road" in St. Louis) and have generally played better at home. That's obviously not the case with the Dolphins.

Being able to win at home is a HUGE advantage. On the road, so many things are working against you including the crowd noise and taking away from preparation time with traveling. At home, it's all very comfortable and the Chiefs have clearly done something right there.

Being able to put 6-7 wins at home on an annual basis would be a significant advantage for Kansas City as they move forward. That takes some of the pressure off of playing on the road, which they've had a problem with (3-5) at times this year.