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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Are Chiefs A Top 10 Team?

SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 16 are out and the Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 11. I pegged the Chiefs window at No. 8-13 and judging by the various power rankings out there that sounds about right. The Chiefs beat a playoff contender in the St. Louis Rams at their own place so that counts for something (...even if it is just the NFC West).

The Chiefs are behind the San Diego Chargers even though they're a game better than them. The Chargers right now are probably the hottest team outside of the New England Patriots. The Chargers dominated the Chiefs as well as the San Francisco 49ers the last two weeks.

The Chiefs are followed by the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts beat the Chiefs already this year but KC has a one-game lead on them. The Packers lost again with QB Aaron Rodgers missing the game. Give them credit though for taking the Patriots to the wire, which not many teams have done this year. And the Jaguars lost control of the AFC South with their loss to the Colts.

The Chiefs at No. 11 is a fair ranking and they'll have a chance to improve it in the coming weeks against the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders. A Chiefs victory in those two games will give them the AFC West title and an 11-5 record. The Chiefs would have earned a top 10 ranking if that happens.