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Kansas City Chiefs Near Blackout Was Nearly Embarrassing

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The Chiefs nearly didn't sell enough tickets to televise Sunday's game against the Titans. Will the Chiefs have more trouble next week?

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The Kansas City Chiefs announced earlier this week that not enough tickets for Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans had been sold to avoid a blackout. The news came as a shock to many fans because we had gone the entire year without any blackout warnings and, as the Chiefs sit at 9-5 on the verge of the playoffs, we get....a blackout warning?

The reasons this game would be hard to sell out are obvious. It's cold out there and a football game is an all day event. It's expensive. It's the day after Christmas which means many just blew their money on Christmas presents for the family or still have family in town and aren't attending the game.

But there's one reason it should be sold out -- the Chiefs are good. They're 9-5 and two wins away from the playoffs. Actually, with a Chargers loss they could clinch the division at Arrowhead on Sunday.

And it was close to not even being on TV!

If the Chiefs had trouble selling out this game I imagine the Oakland Raiders game next week will have problems, too. The Chiefs could be facing a situation where they need to win to get in and, if that's the case, i suspect people will want to be there for that. The Raiders, playoffs, etc...I think people will want to be there.

But if the Chiefs wrap up the division today, will people show up next week? If the Chiefs lose today and lose control of their own destiny, will people show up next week?

It's hard to even ask those questions knowing the history of this fan base but we've been beaten down over the last three years with just 10 total wins from 2007-09. It will take a little bit to get us fully back on board because it's hard to give the fan base nothing to cheer about for three years then all of a sudden expect them out there.