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Charlie Weis, Josh McDaniels And Speculation On Chiefs Future

Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen appeared on ESPN's Sunday morning pregame show and threw around a few possibilities on the next landing spot for Josh McDaniels, former head coach of the Denver Broncos. They said don't be surprised if Weis doesn't return (this is speculation and not a report) and said if he does leave that McDaniels could be his replacement.

Again, this is just speculation and not a report -- but it is intriguing. There wasn't any reason given for why Weis could leave Kansas City -- head coaching job? health? -- but apparently there's something there if they were speculating on it.

So if Weis does leave, who could replace him? Their speculation was Josh McDaniels saying it was a situation to keep an eye on. Todd Haley of course snubbed Josh McDaniels at midfield for the postgame handshake following the Chiefs loss to the Broncos in Denver so on the surface it seems like an awkward combination.

As weird as this marriage would appear, I can see how it makes sense. The Chiefs know the importance of the quarterback and making sure he is comfortable. McDaniels knows Cassel very well and, from what we can tell, they get along. I understand the logic behind some of the speculation.

There are only a few more weeks left in the season so we'll find out shortly if their speculation is accurate.