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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Raiders Are Eliminated; Chiefs One Step Closer To AFC West Title

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and moved one step closer to securing the AFC West crown. They've also eliminated the Oakland Raiders from all NFL playoff scenarios. The Raiders season is over.

Entering this week the Chiefs were 9-5. Their victory over the Tennessee Titans moved them to 10-5 on the year. The Raiders entering this week were 7-7 or two games behind the Chiefs meaning they needed two KC losses and two victories of their own to qualify for the playoffs. The Chiefs victory means they're eliminated.

The Chiefs may have caught a break as they'll now play the Raiders next week. Oakland has nothing to play for except to spoil the Chiefs season. If given the opportunity, I'm sure the Chiefs would rather face a defeated Oakland team rather than one vying for a playoff spot. So the Raiders play the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon and it won't matter.

The next game of interest for the Chiefs is the San Diego Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals game. A Chargers loss and the Chiefs would secure the division title. If the Chargers beat the Bengals, the Chiefs can assure themselves of a playoff spot by beating the Raiders next week.