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The Kansas City Chiefs Get Their Tenth Win Of The Season; Beat Titans 34-14

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From 2007-2009, the Kansas City Chiefs had ten total wins. Today against the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs nabbed their 10th win of the 2010 season. The score was 34-14 and featured Matt Cassel passing to Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles catching touchdowns and Eric Berry diving into the end zone.

Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe connected six times for 153 yards, including an awesome 75-yard strike in the first half that went all the way for six.

Jamaal Charles quickly had two touchdown receptions in the first quarter as the Chiefs scored on their first four drives of the game.

Chiefs fans know that Eric Berry really, really wants to score when he catches and interception. Today, he scored his first NFL TD on a pick six against Titans QB Kerry Collins. It was an amazing return by an amazing rookie.

The Chiefs’ defense was the real star of the second half. An INT (and a couple of close ones), sacks and just great defense in general held the Titans in check. The Chiefs’ offense only put up three points in the second half but they didn’t need much. The defense shut down Kerry Collins, Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans for most of the day.

Up next for the Chiefs? The Oakland Raiders. At home in Kansas City. If the Bengals pull off an upset of the Chargers – Cincy is up 14-0 right now – next week against the Raiders won’t matter. The Chiefs would make the playoffs tonight.