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Kansas City Chiefs Join NFL Playoffs, Complete Biggest Turnaround In Franchise History

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Going from four wins to (at least) 10 wins is the biggest turnaround in Kansas City Chiefs history.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of 13 teams to go from last place to first place since 2003 and it's an incredible accomplishment. As optimistic of a Chiefs fan that I am, I can't say that I ever truly envisioned this happening. Even last week I thought in the back of my mind something would happen that would allow the San Diego Chargers to sneak in. But the Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans and the San Diego Chargers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals giving the Chiefs the AFC West title.

The plus-six improvement from four wins in 2009 to 10 wins in 2010 is the single greatest turnaround in franchise history -- and they may not be done yet.

I found these words by Titans LB Stephen Tulloch a great description from a player perspective of what the Chiefs evolution has been like:

"They’re really good.  I told Brian Waters at the end of the game they have come a long way since I have been playing them.  I have played them three times in my five years here.  That team has turned around.  The head coach there has done a great job.  Everybody’s [part of] a sound team: you’ve got Dwayne Bowe on the outside, Leonard Pope they bring him in; they’re a solid team.  The o-line is solid; Cassel is holding his own; they are a sound team and they did a good job today.  They executed the way they have been executing all season.  They’re the number one rushing team in the league.  They threw the ball today just doing different things.  You have to take your hat off to them."

Other than the running game, the Chiefs aren't really elite at anything on offense or defense. They're just a really solid group overall. They're not the same team they have been the last three years when they won 10 total games. They're not the same team at home as they were last year improving from 1-7 to 7-1 or 8-0.

I know we've been talking all year about the Chiefs turnaround but it's been an incredible ride that will culminate, at the very earliest, on January 8 or 9.