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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Jets Visiting Chiefs; Colts Hosting Ravens

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Various NFL playoff scenarios are out there but we're one more week closer to see the New York Jets come to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. The Jets are currently the sixth seed and while much can change over next week that would have them playing the third seed in the wildcard round, which is the Chiefs. If the playoffs ended today, the Indianapolis Colts would be hosting the Baltimore Ravens in the other AFC wildcard game.

The New England Patriots have clinched home field advantage and the No. 1 seed while the Pittsburgh Steelers can clinch the second seed with a victory next week. A loss next week by the Steelers would potentially bring them into focus for the wildcard round.

So if the playoffs started today, here's the AFC in order: Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Colts, Ravens and Jets. Not a bad crew, huh?

I must say that, given the choices, I like the Chiefs current playoff set up. Of anyone remaining in the playoffs, I think I'd rather play the Jets (and Jacksonville Jaguars). I don't like that matchup but I like it better than any other matchup out there.

And since everyone else has done it, I'll do the same and project the road to the Super Bowl. If the Chiefs win in round one, they would be heading to Pittsburgh (assuming everything stays the same) and then after that they could be headed for New England to play the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. ESPN may explode if that's the case.