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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Jets, Steelers Or Ravens Will Face Chiefs At Arrowhead

The New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are in play for the Kansas City Chiefs home playoff game in two weeks. The most likely scenario right now is the Jets visiting Arrowhead Stadium. Given the games going on next week that seems to be the most likely.

The playoffs if they started right now look like this: 1.) Patriots 2.) Steelers 3.) Chiefs 4.) Colts 5.) Ravens 6.) Jets. The first two seeds would receive a bye and the third seed would play the sixth seed and the fourth seed would play the fifth seed. The third and fourth seeds would host the games.

If things ended today, the Jets would be coming to KC and the Ravens would be visiting the Colts.

But depending on the various scenarios that can happen, the Jets, Ravens or Steelers could be coming to Kansas City. Of those three, I think I'd prefer the Jets. I think you go with the one that you feel has the quarterback that can hurt you the least and, to me, that's Mark Sanchez.

The Chiefs haven't played any of these teams this year. They played both the Ravens and Steelers last year losing to Baltimore and beating Pittsburgh.

Lots can change but early predictions have the Jets coming to Arrowhead. We'll find out for sure next week.