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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Chiefs Fans Want To See Jets Over Ravens, Steelers

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We've seen the various NFL playoff scenarios and it's looking like the New York Jets are most likely the team to be facing the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in the wildcard round. Plenty can change but that's the odds-on favorite matchup at this point.

And that's a good thing as far as Chiefs fans are concerned. We ran a poll asking folks which team they'd rather see -- Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens. 72 percent picked the Jets, 15 percent picked the Ravens and 11 percent picked the Steelers.

The reason the Jets are attractive out of those three is the quarterback situation. When looking at teams I'd want to play the most, I'd take the lesser of the quarterbacks. Right now, that would appear to be Mark Sanchez. There's also the Jets having lost three of four games.

All three of those teams have dominating defenses so there's not much difference there. It's the quarterback that makes the difference between those teams. That's not a slight to Sanchez. Instead it's the reality, in my mind, when you put him up against Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger.

So Chiefs fans want the Jets and as of now that's the most likely scenario.