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2011 NFL Draft: Matt Millen Predicts Blaine Gabbert Will Be A High 1st Round Pick

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Throughout Tuesday night's game against the Iowa Hawkeyes at the Insight Bowl, Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert was getting a heap of praise from the ESPN announcers Sean McDonough and Matt Millen. Gabbert was 23-of-28 at one point and Millen started listing off everything that he did well.

Millen noted that Gabbert submitted his name to the draft advisory board and he predicts he'll be told he's a high first round pick. (Um, is that a good thing, Lions fans ask) ESPN's Todd McShay has Gabbert as his second ranked QB behind Stanford's Andrew Luck. This is a realistic scenario depending on how the battle for the second QB comes out.

Gabbert's been hearing some draft rumors lately and said last week that they're just rumors.

"Rumors are going to be spread around. One word can trigger a forest fire. That’s just the nature of the beast. You just have to worry about your business. And I can tell you, Aldon and mine, this team’s focus, is on winning this bowl game," Gabbert said.

He'll have to be making a decision in just a couple of weeks. His performance to this point in the Insight Bowl has been impressive and, as we noted earlier, may make a difference in his decision. If you're projected to be a first round pick, it's hard to say no.