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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Denver Broncos: Will Josh McDaniels' Team Give Up Down Stretch?

The Denver Broncos are coming into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to play the Chiefs and there's not much to play for if you're Denver. They're 3-8 and out of the playoff hunt. Ruining the Chiefs season perhaps is part of the motivation but other than that...what does a 3-8 team play for?

I asked that question to Mile High Report this week in preparation for Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game. Will the Broncos continue to fight this season?

The Broncos might be out of the playoff hunt, but they can still ruin it for the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers. The Broncos have games against those three teams, the Cardinals, and the Texans. They might not be able to stop anybody, but the Broncos have proven a few times this year that they can put up some points. Based on that fact alone, I don't think you will see this team give up, and I certainly don't think they will quit on the coach. From what we have read or heard from players, McDaniels is a well-respected coach. The players know how much this team means to the fans, and we at least hope they do everything in their power to make sure they don't reach double-digit losses.
Somehow I think Denver will get as much satisfaction out of ruining the season for the rest of the division foes as winning it themselves.