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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Denver Broncos: Pass, Pass And Pass

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Denver Broncos for the second time this season. If the last game is any indication, this will be a pass heavy attack for the Broncos, who lit up the Chiefs for three first quarter passing touchdowns last time around.

I talked with SB Nation's Mile High Report this week and asked: Is there any reason the Broncos won't be able to throw the ball against the Chiefs like they did last time?

I really don't think so. Especially with the news that Brandon Flowers will not be playing, I think you'll see an aerial assault once again. The Broncos went into Kansas City last year and completely bludgeoned the Chiefs, and you can usually throw out the records when these two teams play. The rivalry had some gas added to its flame after the game the last time these two teams met when Todd Haley refused to shake McDaniels' hand. I think this one could be chippy at the start.

Kyle Orton and the passing attack have found a groove on opening drives the last three games. It's really funny, because Broncos fans were so distraught at this team's lack of success scoring in the first quarter, and despite scoring on the first drive in each of the last three games, the Broncos are only 1-2.
Without Flowers, though, it will be hard to stop the Broncos' passing attack, even though the Chiefs' secondary is still very talented.
The way I see it: In 10 games this year, KC hasn't been beat up like they were at Denver. I'm going to lean towards the Chiefs not letting this one get out of control like a few weeks ago.