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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Denver Broncos: Stopping The Run

The Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the Denver Broncos on Sunday and KC is hoping this game doesn't go the way the last one did when the Broncos embarrassed the Chiefs, 49-29. That week Knowshon Moreno hit 100 yards on the ground and KC looked overmatched defensively. The Chiefs on the other hand couldn't rush the ball at all. They got down early taking the run game out of the equation but even in that first quarter they weren't very effective.

I talked with Mile High Report this week and asked: Can Denver stop the Chiefs run game again or was it a fluke last time?

That was not a fluke. The Broncos have been able to key in on teams with good running games. Look at Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, you mentioned Charles and your top ranked attack--the only game that goes against the grain here is the Oakland game, when the Raiders ran up and down the field on the Broncos.

For the most part, though, if they face a top running team, Don Martindale has done a good job of keying in on that aspect and stopping the run, forcing the other team to beat us via the pass.
I hope the Chiefs run it all day long. Looking at the stats, the Denver game was an aberration. I don't expect that to happen again.