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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Denver Broncos: Shaun Smith Goalline Package Nets Leonard Pope TD

The Kansas City Chiefs lead the Denver Broncos 7-0 with 1:15 remaining in the first quarter. QB Matt Cassel hit TE Leonard Pope in the end zone for a two-yard touchdown pass. The drive went 70 yards in 11 plays and took up over six minutes.

Cassel is now 4-of-7 for 51 yards and a touchdown pass. He has 23 touchdowns and four interceptions on the year. RB Jamaal Charles has carried the ball five times for 21 yards.

RB Thomas Jones had a 20-yard catch and run that set up the latest touchdown putting the Chiefs at the five yard line. Charles came in and moved it to the two-yard line. The Chiefs then brought out their goal line package with DE Shaun Smith and LB Mike Vrabel. Smith lined up at FB and Vrabel at TE.

The ball was snapped and Cassel faked a handoff to Jones, rolled right looking for Moeaki or possibly Vrabel but settled on Pope in the back of the end zone.

It's early but KC leads 7-0 after the first quarter.