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VIDEO: Chiefs OT Barry Richardson Pushes Assistant Coach On Sidelines

On Sunday against the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs RT Barry Richardson had a pair of penalties called against him and on the second one the Chiefs decided to take him out of the game. I sat in my seat in the press box as the Chiefs coaching staff called backup RT Ryan O'Callaghan and sent him in for Richardson.

Richardson, who was clearly upset or frustrated (or both), came onto the sidelines and expressed his anger at multiple people on the sidelines. One player tried to calm him down and he pushed his arm out of the way and then special teams coach Steve Hoffman tried to calm him down and Richardson shoved him knocking him back.

Richardson then went walking down the sidelines away from everyone else to calm down. One of the Chiefs coaches ran his way to pull him down the sideline in case he needed to go back in. Richardson apparently thought the coach was saying get back on the field because he grabbed his helmet and started running onto the field. But the coach came running after him and pulled him back to the sidelines.

A strange incident to say the least. Richardson went to the sidelines and sat down once the offense came off the field and players came up to pat him on the back. Todd Haley eventually sat down next to him and talked for a second, apparently calming him down.

Richardson came back out the next time the offense was on the field.