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Tim Tebow Thanks Josh McDaniels For Drafting Him After Broncos Fire Coach

The Denver Broncos on Monday fired head coach McDaniels, just one day after a 10-6 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems that most Broncos fans are happy with the move and have been calling for it for some time. People will point to the people that left Denver in the Josh McDaniels era -- QB Jay Cutler, WR Brandon Marshall and RB Peyton Hillis -- but there's one player in particular that came to Denver in the McDaniels era that has drawn scrutiny.

Of course that's Tim Tebow, who was selected by McDaniels and the Broncos with the 25th overall pick in the first round. Picking a QB in the first round will always be scrutinized and Tebow's name brought more questions.

Tebow thanks McDaniels on Monday evening via Twitter:

Thank you for everything you did for me Coach McDaniels, including drafting me into this great organization. I wish you nothing but the best

Who knows where Tebow would have gone if not to the Broncos. We'll see if he gets an opportunity to become the future or if hell go the way of some of the other players McDaniels encountered in Denver.