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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Starting To Grow In Kansas City

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The Kansas City Chiefs (and all NFL teams) give their players a day off on Tuesday to heal from the previous game,  look to the upcoming game and do whatever it is NFL players do in their time off. Your body is beat up and you probably haven't seen your friends or family much -- at least in-season. There's a lot of things you want to do on your day off and I imagine at the top of the list involves something to do with a TV, a couch and a remote (though I'm willing to accept that NFL players aren't exactly like me).

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel used his Tuesday day off a little differently this week.

Via published reports, he started his day off at the Simone Awards (with Thomas Jones) honoring the top high school football player in the area and ended it at the Ronald McDonald House. Not exactly the TV and couch. The Chiefs have always been excellent in the community so Cassel is actually continuing a long tradition for the KC Chiefs.

Cassel goes on to say (via Eric Burke of FOX 4 KC) that Kansas City is starting to feel like home.

"(It's a) huge difference, we're just a different team right now, playing with a lot of confidence," said Cassel, who says that confidence is spilling over into his off-field life, and making it a lot easier to call Kansas City home.

"We are embracing the opportunity, myself, my wife, my foundation I work with," said Cassel. "It's been fun to grow in the community."

Of course the next loss and your normal set of fans -- who can be described as reactionary -- will be calling for his head. But has Cassel earned the right to start to feel comfortable in KC? I think so, I really do.

There are so many things he's doing that he's doing right that, of course, he'll be back next year. It can't be comfortable for him when people, at the beginning of the season, were talking about his contract, looking at the particulars to when they cane get out, etc. That's because he looked like an average or below average quarterback.

Now Cassel's contract, which included some money front-loaded, could be a blessing. His numbers go down as the team gets better creating more available money to spend on other talent.

Funny how things work out, huh?