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NFL Playoff Picture: What Do Patriots, Jets, Steelers And Falcons Have In Common?

The New England Patriots, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons can clinch the playoffs in variety of scenarios in Week 14. The Kansas City Chiefs aren't at the point where they can clinch but that doesn't mean their Week 14 game doesn't mean anything. A Chiefs victory eliminates the San Diego Chargers from division race.

The NFL playoff picture is beginning to come into focus as those four teams will clinch soon, if not this weekend.

In the AFC, that means the top two seeds could very likely be the Patriots and Steelers. That would leave the Chiefs battling with the 7-5 Jacksonville Jaguars and 6-6 Indianapolis Colts for the third seed. The Chiefs best chance of making the playoffs at this point is winning the division, as things get much trickier in the wild card race.

If the playoffs started today, it would look like this in the AFC:

1. Patriots (bye)

2. Steelers (bye)

3. Chiefs

4. Jaguars

5. Jets

6. Ravens

The No. 3 (Chiefs) would host the No. 6 (Ravens) while the No. 4 (Jaguars) would host the No. 5 (Jets).