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Matt Cassel Misses Practice For 'Illness", Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Says

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel missed practice on Wednesday and nobody seemed to know why. The speculation really picked up when the Chiefs added QB Tyler Palko to the active roster sparking questions of Cassel's availability this weekend against the San Diego Chargers.

At his Wednesday press conference, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley explained the situation:

"We'll put the injury report out and he'll show up as illness and that's as far as Ill go on that."

OK, so he didn't really explain anything. He says generally players have to practice to play and didn't say whether Cassel would be available for practice on Thursday.

The Chiefs signing Palko suggests Cassel may not be available this weekend but Haley says the two sides are not related.

"No, it's actually a coincidence. It really is. We had to make a move in another area and so somebody...we were able to get somebody up and that determination was made -- it's actually a total coincidence. I said it's illness and that's what it is."