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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Has Appendectomy; Status Uncertain

The Kansas City Chiefs received some terrible news on Wednesday -- QB Matt Cassel had an appendectomy on Wednesday. The procedure was "successful", the Chiefs say, and he's expected to "return to work" this week. We're not sure what they mean by "return to work" and that's going to be the big question.

Now that we know Cassel is OK -- how long will he be out?

810 WHB in Kansas City had a doctor on the air and he predicted Cassel would be out four weeks. That's just a prediction for now but it does seem to indicate that Cassel is not likely to play Sunday against the Chargers.

Wow. Just wow. This is an incredible blow to the Chiefs, who lead the AFC West by two games.

They face the Chargers on Sunday and you can expect a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.