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Chiefs' Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster As Political Inspirations?

I cam across an interesting story on the Birmingham Business Journal. So they're doing an Election Preview for the Jefferson County Commission (District 4) and interviewing a candidate, Joe McKnight.

McKnight was asked:

What are you plans to help the Birmingham economy?

Recently, while watching an NFL game, I noticed two football players in particular (from the Kansas City Chiefs). One was Javier Arenas, a recent graduate from Alabama and the other, Derrick McCluster, from Ole Miss. These two young men in their very first professional football game put on a spectacular performance. It was amazing to see how two rookie players provided a spark that motivated an underdog team to victory, electrified a stadium and instilled a ray of hope throughout an entire city. That same potential lies in the hands of the incoming Jefferson County Commission.
Arenas and McCluster are being used as points for inspiration.

Yeah, I'd say the Chiefs hit on this rookie class.