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Top Story Lines Heading Into The Kansas City Chiefs Third Game

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Here's what people in Kansas City are talking about as the Chiefs head into their third game.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for their third game of the 2010 NFL season against the San Francisco 49ers. They're currently sitting at 2-0 and atop the AFC West so the feeling in Kansas City right now is mostly positive with a few question marks spiced in.

Heading into the Chiefs third game, here are the top story lines dominating the headlines in Kansas City.

Thomas Jones vs. Jamaal Charles

This is becoming a bit overblown but it's still a legitimate question. The most productive running back on the Chiefs roster -- on a per carry basis -- is Charles. Jones, however, has 33 carries to Charles' 22.

I think it's a fair question to wonder why Charles isn't in there.

There are indications however that the Chiefs are keeping in mind the grind of a 16-game season. Perhaps that could mean Charles role increases in the second half of the season. The Chiefs have also said that the decisions are match-up based.

Matt Cassel

The quarterback will usually be the focal point regardless of how he's playing but for Cassel it hasn't been good news. His start has been disappointing. The Chiefs have said he's doing OK but clearly something hasn't been right the first two regular season games (or the first four preseason games).

It's too early to be talking about trading or releasing Cassel. The Chiefs are clearly committed to him. And I think you have to keep in mind it's just two regular season games. The Chiefs have a lot more invested in him than to give up after a few games.

This story is more out of frustration because the Chiefs are 2-0 but continue to win by unconventional means. The concern is that the Chiefs won't always get return touchdowns and eventually they'll have to rely on the offense to score some points.

Vernon Davis' guarantee

I read that Vernon Davis "guaranteed" victory against the Chiefs. I didn't think it was your traditional guarantee. Per the Star:

"We have to win this one. We will win this one," Davis said. "I’m pretty confident that we will pull this one out."

Asked to clarify whether he was guaranteeing a win at Arrowhead Stadium, Davis said:

"We will win this game. We have the team to do it. We’ve just got to get rid of all the mistakes. Without the mistakes, there’s no telling where we can go. There’s no limit."

Eh...I'm not too worried about that.

When asked this week if there is such a thing as bulletin board material, Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said:

"I think everybody has egos. You have an ego, I have an ego and you try to build on that if you are given the material to build on it with."

The Chiefs defense

Through two games the Chiefs have allowed just four touchdowns. it's been an impressive turn around for a group that was ranked near the bottom in most defensive stat categories.

The Chiefs early in the offseason made the decision to stick with most of the players they already had. The only real additions were DE Shaun Smith (supposed to be a reserve), rookies S Eric Berry and S Kendrick Lewis as well as DB Javier Arenas.

The group is now playing very well. They're still giving up big plays here and there but they're not letting that break them. Their start has been impressive.