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Herm Edwards Hops Back On The Kansas City Chiefs Bandwagon

Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards probably wants to see the Kansas City Chiefs do well because there are a handful of players on that team he brought into the league.

He writes an NFL diary on the Monterey Herald and talked about the 2-0 Chiefs facing the 0-2 San Francisco 49ers.

It won't be an easy game in Kansas City. It'll be very loud. It's a tough menu. The Chiefs are 2-0. They are winning games with defense and special teams.

These are some of the kids we started as rookies three years ago. Now they have some confidence. When you win close games, you have confidence that you can make a play. That's what Kansas City has right now.

It sounds like Herm likes these Chiefs. He has history as a defense guy and there are some good ones he brought onto the current Chiefs: Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Glenn Dorsey and Tamba Hali.