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Patrick Willis Says It's 49ers Vs. Chiefs, Not Him Vs. Dexter McCluster

An old quote came back to haunt former Ole Miss star and current Kansas City Chiefs WR Dexter McCuster. While at the scouting combine in February, McCluster said of his former Ole Miss teammate, Patrick Willis:

"I still talk about it. Not to him. But I talk about it," McCluster recalled in April to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. "We were in the open field. He was pursuing me at an angle, I was running, and I did sort of a drop step and got underneath him and kind of made him look a little silly."

Willis said he couldn't recall that happening but that everyone gets juked at one point in their career.

"We'll see this Sunday," Patrick Willis told Comcast SportsNet when this remark was brought his his attention. "It's us against them. It's not me and McCluster. It's about the 49ers and the Chiefs."

Indeed. Although with McCluster lined up in the slot, you have to wonder if he thinks twice about crossing the middle of the 49ers defense.