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Jarrad Page The Patriot Talks About His Years With The Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs S Jarrad Page was drafted by former head coach Herm Edwards. For three seasons under Edwards he seemed to flourish going from a seventh round pick to a starter.

Whether it was because of an injury that eventually landed him on IR or issues he had with the coaching staff, things didn't get started off right with the Todd Haley and Scott Pioli Chiefs.

Page has since moved onto New England where the Chiefs traded him just several weeks ago.

Page talked about his experience in Kansas City with and had very nice things to say.

"I had a great experience there. They have great fans out there. Unfortunately the last few years we hit some tough breaks, but we made it to the playoffs my rookie year. I’m glad I got a taste of that. You don’t want the only thing you know to be losing, and I’m hungry for that again. I just feel like I learned a lot about the game over those years."

I don't think Page ever had a problem with the Kansas City Chiefs fan base or his teammates. As recently as last April, Jarrad Page said via Twitter that he was excited to play with Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr in the Chiefs secondary.

He threw some venom at the Chiefs management team but didn't do that for the fans.