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Moving To 3-0 Would Be Huge For The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't won three consecutive regular season games dating back to the end of the 2006 season and into the 2007.

On Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, the Chiefs can do just that. Sitting at 2-0 and facing the 0-2 49ers, the Chiefs are still the underdogs but this time around the world won't be so shocked if they win.

A win would put the Chiefs at 3-0 and continue their hold on first place in the AFC West.

Also what a win would do is continue to bring the fans back to Arrowhead Stadium. Monday Night Football showed just how much of an advantage that crowd can be and the Chiefs need that for every home game.

The Chiefs enter a bye week after this so they want to enter it on a good note.

3-0 would be absolutely huge for these Kansas City Chiefs.