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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Figuring Out San Francisco's Biggest Strength

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will meet on Sunday inside Arrowhead Stadium.

For the Chiefs, they need to do whatever it is they've done to make themselves 2-0. It's hard to describe how they're winning but they're doing it.

For the 49ers, we looked to David Fucillo of Niners Nation to find their biggest strength as they travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs.

This is kind of simplistic, but the biggest strength on this team is Patrick Willis. The 49ers defense as a whole has generally been solid, but even that has a tendency to go into bend but don't break mode that costs the team points. I would not be surprised at all to see several Chiefs drives down the field that end up with field goals. Certainly nice to hold a team to 3, but the bend but don't break style can come back to bite them in the butt at times.
In spite of all this, Patrick Willis has been the rock of this team. He's arguably the best middle linebacker in the NFL and has put himself on a path towards the Hall of Fame. Even Mike Singletary has said Willis can do things he never could do at the position. He continues to grow and develop and guarantees the 49ers at least one bright spot every week.

It helps when you have arguably the best linebacker in the game. The Chiefs will try to neutralize Patrick Willis by switching up how they use the running backs and keeping him off-kilter.