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Kansas City Chiefs Start To Look Toward The Indianapolis Colts

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 and on fire as they enter the bye week to prepare for the next game against the Indianapolis Colts.

It'll be a stiff test, no doubt, and Chiefs players are already thinking about the next opponent.

Per the KC Star, Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers was already talking about Peyton Manning and the Colts after a game.

"(Manning) prides himself on having time and picking defenses apart, so if you get pressure to him, then he doesn’t have all day to see his routes develop," Brandon Flowers said. "We need that front seven to show up like they’ve been doing all season."

It's probably a good sign the Chiefs are already looking to the next opponent before they're even finished getting dressed from the last game.

In two weeks, the 3-0 Chiefs will face the Colts.