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18-Game NFL Season Is A Done Deal, Says Colts Exec Bill Polian

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Right now you can watch the Kansas City Chiefs in four preseason games and 16 regular season games. That seems to be a good mix although fans regularly complain that NFL teams shouldn't be charging full price for preseason games.

It now appears that Chiefs fans will soon only have to buy tickets for one preseason game.

Colts executive Bill Polian said on Monday night that the move to an 18-game schedule is a done deal.

During Monday night's weekly radio show, the Indianapolis Colts team president called it a "fait accompli" and said the debate is over. Polian is a member of the league's competition committee and has worked in the league office.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has said he is for the 18-game NFL season. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has said that as a coach he'll take as many preseason games he can get but hasn't expressed whether he's for or against the 18-game schedule.

This would mean a lot of things: Changes to the offseason workouts, more roster players and a dozen other things we won't realize until the 18-game season comes.

So what do you think? Eighteen-game regular season schedule?