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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Explaining The Kansas City Chiefs Position

Here we explain the Chiefs position in the latest NFL power rankings from SB Nation.

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I just finished up SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 4 and wanted to offer some thoughts on why I ranked the Kansas City Chiefs where I did.

Right now I have the Chiefs ranked at 14th -- up from 20th after Week 2.

They're 3-0 so that may seem a little low but when you take into account the schedule they're knocked down a little bit.

The Chiefs have played two teams -- Browns and 49ers -- who have not won a game. Their other victory came against the one-win Chargers. So clearly the schedule hasn't been what we thought it might be.

That's OK, though. It's not the Chiefs' fault the Chargers, Browns and 49ers have only won one game. They're doing the only thing they can and that's beat the teams on their schedule.

I ranked them at 14th because I'm not sure that I could justify putting them above the five teams in front of them: Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, Falcons and Texans.

I can see you making a case for the Cowboys or Vikings because they're 1-2 and, to be honest, I feel kind of bad for ranking the Chiefs below them but I think most would agree that those two are better teams than their record indicates.

Three games into the season isn't much so there's still a lot of football to be played and questions to be answered.

If the Chiefs can split with Indy and Houston coming up, they'll be a solid top 10 team in the NFL.

The good news is that NFL power rankings don't mean much to the Chiefs. The facts are that they're 3-0 with the second ranked defense and holding a two-game lead over everyone in the AFC West.