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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Chiefs Defense, Big Play Ability Carrying Them

The Kansas City Chiefs are right at No. 15 in FanHouses's NFL power rankings for Week 4.

Their 3-0 start sure is a great story. If Matt Cassel can pick it up and play better, the Chiefs will become a truly dangerous team. For now, it looks like they have a tough defense and a very average offense that has some big-play ability. Given the struggles around them in the AFC West, that might be good enough.

I think this is a very fair write up. Over two games, the defense and the big-play ability of the Chiefs has clearly been the strong suits. Describing the offense as average may be a little nice because it just wasn't very good at all in the first two games.

15 may be a little low because, after all, they are one of three undefeated teams but the write up was pretty spot on.