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Kansas City Chiefs Mailbag: Moving Past Jamaal Charles And Looking At Shaun Smith

Here's this week's edition of the Kansas City Chiefs mailbag.

Every week I get questions via email regarding the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead of answering them each individually I've gathered the top questions and answered them here.

How will Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles split carries moving forward?

I received a few variations of this question. With the Chiefs starting 3-0, the tone of the questions have gone from uncontrollable anger to simple curiosity. I think people are OK with the current split as long as the Chiefs are winning.

But moving forward, no, I don't expect a big change in the coming weeks. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has remained committed to using Jones a little more than Charles and it's working. They're both running the ball well -- it's just that Charles is running out of his mind -- and his is a very good problem to have as the Chiefs have two backs on pace for 1,000 yards.

Jones will continue for the foreseeable future to see the majority of the carries but, regardless of the split, you still have two backs in the top 10 in the NFL in rushing yards. That's not a bad thing.

How's Bowe doing so far?

Not good if you play fantasy football but other than that pretty solid. The Chiefs passing game hasn't quite taken off consistently yet -- thus the low yardage -- but last week Chiefs head coach Todd Haley singled out Bowe as someone who is learning how to block as a receiver. I think Bowe's best chance to continue to be on this team after his contract comes up will be as the full package type of receiver. He needs to continue working on the drops but also continue working on becoming a great blocker because doing little things like that the right way really resonates with Haley. I'm happy with Bowe through three weeks.

Will Shaun Smith continue to start when Tyson Jackson comes back?

Tyson Jackson appears to be getting healthier and the Chiefs have a bye so I imagine he'll play next week. He's currently on the first team on the Chiefs latest depth chart but they've shown that depth chart doesn't necessarily matter on game day. I would guess that Jackson gets his job but the Chiefs will do something to get Smith on the field.  Remember the nickel defense when Vrabel moved inside? I think part of that was trying to get Andy Studebaker on the field more. Similarly, I expect them to do something to get Smith on the field more. Maybe it's tweaking the scheme or maybe it's rotating with Jackson more but I do expect Smith to see more playing time.

How is the Chiefs defense playing so well?

By simply playing sound defense and capitalizing on the opponents mistakes. The Chiefs are the only team in the top three of both points scored off of turnovers and points (not) allowed after turnovers. They haven't given up a single point after an offensive turnover this year. They're working on cutting down the big plays but they're not letting those big plays kill them mentally like they did last year. Romeo Crennel has them playing very sound, mistake-free football. They're only +1 in turnover ratio so it's not like this is some crazy defense creating turnovers left and right. They just don't make a lot of mistakes and play within the techniques Crennel has taught them.